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My personal motto when it comes to photography: Don’t be afraid to be different or daring. The risks are what make your memories more memorable!  I began my journey as a wedding and portrait photographer in 2006 and the bite left behind by the wedding bug has only gotten bigger; for that I am thankful.  I love documenting emotions, details, and moments.  One of my greatest joys is looking at a photo and seeing the spirit of the person captured, shining through. My team and I would be honored to spend the day with you documenting your love, your family, and you.  Whether you're eloping, planning a black tie affair, or meeting in the backyard garden under the setting sun, I can document and preserve your day.

A little more about Mariam: I started my education with film photography and spent three years working in the darkroom at College of the Mainland. Digital photography and the desire to shoot commercial projects captured my attention in 2007.  This propelled my move to Houston where I finished my studies at the Art Institute of Houston.

In 2010, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and since have enjoyed working on a variety of projects alongside many of Houston's finest photographers. Whether it's photographing babies, weddings, funky photo booths, or corporate events, I love documenting people.

Sharing is Caring, so here are a few fun facts about your photographer:
  • I played bassoon growing up, as well as oboe and percussion.  My most treasured memories are marching with the band and playing my bassoon!
  • My dogs are my darling children!  I'm a mommy to a crazy and spunky senior mini dachshund and a senior mini poodle.
  • I used to be a K-8 Art teacher, so I'm great at lesson planning and party planning for kids!
  • I'm an opera lover and had the huge honor of leading an opera company as Executive Director for several years.  If you've never been to an opera, you have to check it out!

I'm a current member of:
PPA - Professional Photographers of America

Sometimes when I'm working, my second shooters capture me getting in a laugh or two =)

Posing in my Photo Booth, the Glitter Studio!  I've got props galore for your special event.

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